10 Policies Your Company Needs to Consider When Developing a Social Media Plan


Has your company decided to use social media? Better yet. Has your company developed a well thought out policy within social media? This is a very important question that needs to be asked by marketing executives. Setting up a company policy and identifying the main reasons for using social media will give your organization a [...]

7 attributes of a great community manager


The role of the community manager is becoming an increasingly important job as many companies invest in full-time staff or consultancies to manage the day-to-day content on brand pages. As with all social media engagement, controlling a conversation is neither possible or desirable, however, diffusing a situation is. Addressing a situation quickly and finding a [...]

How Twitter was used during Hurricane Sandy


It was the 18th named storm to hit the United States and became the largest Atlantic hurricane on record with winds spanning 1,800 km. It was estimated to have caused around $20b USD, but that figure quickly surpassed $50b. It was the second most expensive Atlantic hurricane, which claimed the lives of at least 209 [...]